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Importing real or generic Viagra to Norway

Norwegian customs (grensekontroll) have seen an increase in import of generic viagra the latest months. It seems to be both Kamagra and Silagra that foreign people try to
bring into the country and sell it online. However, buying and selling Kamagra is illegal in Norway and can lead to several years in prison.

What’s required to import medicine into Norway?

In order to import medicine, or medikamenter as they call it in Norway, you need to have a prescription.

Further, a doctor must prescribe the pharmaceutical to you after doing some form of examination. The quickest and easiest way to order is without doubt over the Internet. But which websites are legitimate and where can you find the real products?

If you want to buy Viagra online in Norway, there is in fact not much choice. There are only one legitimate website selling Viagra after a consultation with a registered doctor. The site is Swedish HealthExpress and they have been operated for over 7 years in UK, while starting in Sweden 2011. From what I can see in the reviews, it seems to be a very popular site. Now we can just hope they open up a site in Norway as well so the delivery could be even quicker.

Ps. If you want to know the rules about importing medicine in Norway, check out this PDF.